Yoga Bolster

  • £40.95
Zen Black
Midnight Blue
Tibetan Maroon
Dusty Blue
Pure Purple
  • Provides comfort and support during your yoga practice
  • Ethically produced from start to finish with 100% organic cotton
  • Removable cover can be machine washed
  • Sustainable buckwheat hulls mould around your body
  • Zipped inner lining so you can release filling and adjust firmness
  • Carry handle right in the middle of the bolster making it super easy to carry
  • 68 x 20 x 20 cm | 4kg

Why do I need a bolster?

Any yogi can benefit from a bolster. This long cushion provides support for all kinds of restorative poses and breathing exercises. Trust us, once you’ve tried supported Child’s Pose you’ll never go back. A bolster is also particularly useful for pregnancy yoga or for anyone working with specific injuries.

Yoga Bolster



When we say ethically produced, we really do mean every step of the way. From our 100% organic cotton grown by happy farmers without harmful chemicals to the sustainable factories where the cotton is spun and stitched, your cushion is supporting fair working conditions and a healthier planet. Win win.


Ever wondered what’s inside your bolster? Not only are our buckwheat hulls beautifully sustainable, they also mould around your body to elevate and support you whilst you find some much-deserved stillness in your day.


Our covers are fully removable and machine washable. Because cups of tea/kids/dogs happen.


Our innovative design features a carry handle right in the middle of the bolster making it nice and easy to transport to classes, retreats or even just the front room. You’ll never be without it.

Customer Review

"I love this yoga bolster. Its the best I have used and I have been to a lot of yoga studios around the world. Nice during lockdown to have your own yoga equipment at home. Has a very nice handle so it is easy to lift and store, it is a great weight and feels firm on your back. Good quality material worth every penny."