Wheel Zafu Meditation Cushion

  • £35.95
Zen Black
Midnight Blue
Tibetan Maroon
Dusty Blue
Pure Purple
Pale Pink
  • Designed to give taller or less flexible meditators the best posture and comfort whilst meditating
  • Ethically produced from start to finish with 100% organic cotton Removable cover can be machine washed
  • Sustainable buckwheat hulls mould around your body
  • Zipped inner lining so you can release filling for the perfect seat height
  • Built-in carry handle for meditators on the go
  • Combine with our Meditation Mat for ultimate comfort and support
  • 30 x 30 x 15 cm | 2kg

Why do I need a cushion?

It’s all about the posture. For most of us, being able to sit cross-legged on the floor with no support isn’t particularly realistic (or comfortable!) Add a cushion to the mix and you’ll see a tall, straight spine leads to increased focus and a better practice. With a range of shapes and styles tailored to you and your body, you’ll find your posture is on point and your mind is ready to relax…

Is the wheel for me?

If you struggle with flexibility or are a taller meditator, our wheel style is your new best friend. Extra stable and elevated to perfection, you can get comfy and sit for longer with a straight spine and a quiet mind. Pair with our Meditation Mat to get extra comfy.




When we say ethically produced, we really do mean every step of the way. From our 100% organic cotton grown by happy farmers without harmful chemicals to the sustainable factories where the cotton is spun and stitched, your cushion is supporting fair working conditions and a healthier planet. Win win.


Ever wondered what’s inside your cushion? Not only are our buckwheat hulls beautifully sustainable, they also mould around your body to elevate and support you whilst you find some much-deserved stillness in your day.


Our covers are fully removable and machine washable. Because cups of tea/kids/dogs happen.


Take your cushion to classes, trips or retreats with a nifty built-in carry handle. You’ll never be without it.


Find double the comfort with our perfectly-padded secret weapon: The Meditation Mat. Sitting directly underneath your cushion, it provides extra comfort and support for your knees and ankles whilst you practise for longer.

Customer Review

"It's a great meditation cushion. Good size for me, I am 164cm and 75kg, really helps to maintain alignment of the spine and to alleviate strain on lower back and hips. I am meditating more since I bought this cushion, I am very happy with the purchase ;)"

How to sit



Don’t sit in the middle of the
cushion as it puts all the strain
on your lower back.


Perch right on the edge of the cushion
so your pelvis is tilted forward and your
hips are above your knees


Cross legged

Cross legged is often a good
position for beginners.


Try this posture for ultimate comfort and
stability. And don't worry if your knees start
high - they'll ease down over time.

Half lotus

For more of a stretch, rest one foot on top
of the opposite leg.

Full lotus

If you're feeling fancy, give this a go. It
might take a little bit of practice.



Imagine a string running from the base of your spine all
the way up and out the top of your head. It's gently
pulling upwards so you're sitting tall but not tense.


Rest your hands gently in your lap, close to
your body and with palms facing up.

Or rest your hands softly
on your knees.