Cork Yoga Block

  • £12.95
  • 100% natural cork sourced sustainably in Portugal
  • Non-slip, easy-grip surface for balance and support
  • Lightweight and durable for use in the studio, on the go or at home
  • Self-cleaning, antibacterial cork for easy upkeep and freshness
  • Perfect for providing extra height and support for tricky postures or stacking and grounding for restorative poses
  • 23 x 12 x 8 cm | 600g

Why do I need a block?

Blocks can really help you get the most out of your practice whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced yogi. They’re often used as an extension of your arms to give you extra height and allow you to work on alignment when trying out new postures. Blocks are also amazing for restorative poses stacked with blankets and bolsters for supporting your back, hips or head so you can fully relax and let go. Try Supported Fish Pose for ultimate bliss! Plus, they’re really useful for pre or post-natal yoga allowing more space and lift to safely get you into postures.

We’d recommend incorporating two blocks into your practice as you’ll need to balance out both sides of your body.




The great news is that cork is completely eco-friendly to harvest. It comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree which regenerates its stripped bark and absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide than non-harvested trees.


Cork has some pretty amazing superpowers, one of which is its ability to self-clean. Natural microbial, antibacterial properties kill bacteria keeping cork beautifully clean and smelling fresh.

Customer Review

These blocks are great for my regular yoga practice. They do not slip, are sturdy and even not as heavy as some other blocks I've come across!