Cork Yoga Mat

  • £44.95
  • 100% natural cork upper, sourced sustainably in Portugal.
  • Natural rubber underside for extra cushioning and grip.
  • Cork has natural grip which increases with moisture. More sweat equals more grip.
  • Self-cleaning, antibacterial cork for easy upkeep and freshness.
  • Free from toxic PVC/TPE/Plasticizers. 100% biodegradable.
  • Includes strap.
  • Plastic free packaging.
  • 183cm x 61cm. 5mm thick
  • Possible allergens: natural rubber latex.

The perfect mat

Your yoga mat matters. It’s what supports you as you transition between postures so you need to trust it to keep your hands and feet in the places you intended. A good mat will flex to different styles of practice, whether a sweaty vinyasa or candlelit yin.

The great thing about using a cork mat is that not only is it natural, it also has excellent grip and durability built in. For those with sensitive knees its slight bounce is lovely and cushioning.




Cork contains suberin, a naturally occurring, waxy, non-slip substance which gets grippier as moisture increases.

It’s perfect for those hot yoga sessions!

Tips for use:

• Spray some water on a dry mat to increase its grip

• Try adding a few sprigs of rosemary to your water for extra goodness


Cork has antibacterial magic within, therefore it cleans itself.

Should you wish to give it a spruce up simply mix a spray bottle of:

• 3 parts water

• 1 part white distilled vinegar

• A few drops of eucalyptus, lemongrass or tea tree oil.

Spray, wipe and off you go!


Portuguese Cork

Our cork is sustainably sourced from Portugal and does not harm or damage the trees it comes from.

Natural Tree Rubber

The natural tree rubber underside comes from sustainable sources and is free from synthetic nasties like PVC and TPE.


Not a plastic bag in sight.

By using only natural materials we made sure the mat and its packaging are 100% bio-degradable!

Customer Review

“The Basaho Cork Yoga Mat is a pleasure to use.

The surface is pleasant and natural to the touch, and is a great idea. I have also given it a little clean and spruce up once so far and it's none the worse for it."