Which meditation cushion is the best fit for me?

Which meditation cushion is the best fit for me?

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We want this to be an inclusive space to share insightful thoughts and tips to help you get the best out of your meditation practice. We’ll also be sharing musings beyond the mat and answering questions the basaho community are pondering.

Meditation is for everyone, so we know it’s on us to help make it accessible for every body and every mind. At basaho, we’re all about taking the path that’s right for your individual meditation needs – there’s no one size fits all. That said, we know it can be a bit tricky to know which cushion to choose.

So, if you’re wondering which of our three wonderful meditation cushions is right for you and your practice, we’ve written a guide to help you choose.

The Classic

It’s all in the name with this cushion. This cushion is the traditional style that originates from the East. It’s suitable for everyone, from beginner to expert. In other words, you can’t really go wrong with The Classic.

Created to mould around your body like a supportive cloud, this is the quintessential meditation cushion. Pair with the Meditation Mat for even more comfort.

The Crescent

If you struggle to sit comfortably, struggle with tight hips or find yourself wriggling during meditation practice, The Crescent could be the one for you. Ergonomically designed to support your thighs, this cushion will help to take the pressure off your lower back and legs.

The Crescent will make it easier for you to sit cross-legged in peace, maybe in a calm meditation corner you’ve set up.

The Wheel

If you struggle with flexibility or you’re a meditator on the taller side, The Wheel could be your new best friend.  Designed to be extra stable and elevated to perfection, you’ll be able to sit for longer with a straight spine and a quiet mind.

More about basaho cushions

All of our cushion covers are crafted from sustainably sourced organic cotton in Southern India, while the inners are filled with buckwheat hulls, a natural by-product that has been used for centuries.

They’d otherwise go to waste, so we love using them to plump up our lovely cushions. You can find out more about our ethical supply chain here.

To personalise your cushion further, you can release some of the filling – whatever feels best for you. Plus, you can pop the cotton covers in the washing machine – because we’ve all had run-ins with cups of tea!

Once you’ve incorporated your meditation cushion into your practice, feel free to leave us a review here. Your feedback helps the basaho community make their own decisions about our products.

Finally, we just want to say that we’re so happy to have you here with us. We hope you’ll keep coming back to the basaho blog for more musings from us!

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