Our Story

basaho is the creation of husband and wife duo, Tarun and Emmanuelle. Working as a team they have created a range of products that is practical and beautiful.

Hi, I’m Tarun. I discovered meditation after years of working and living in London. The demands of modern life and pressures of building a career left me feeling stressed out and tired. I decided to take a break and travelled to Sri Lanka where I found a beautiful little meditation retreat hidden away amongst a tea plantation. This was my first taste of what meditation has to offer. That was only the beginning. Introducing a regular practice into my life has completely turned things around for me, bringing a new energy and enthusiasm for life.

The time I spent on retreats and at meditation centres around the world taught me the importance of good posture in meditation. The meditation cushion, also known by its Japanese name ‘zafu’, should provide strong upright support, keeping you alert and attentive, while being comfortable enough to not be a distraction.

Hi, I’m Emmanuelle. I got into meditation after meeting Tarun. I always found it odd that most meditation cushions lacked any sense of style. I wanted greater choice in a high quality cushion. Meditation doesn’t have to be dull! In fact, it is so often the opposite. I always felt a cushion should be a reflection of this.

By combining the practicality of a well constructed cushion with a modern and contemporary design, we produced not just a zafu, but a piece of furniture. This is not a cushion to be hidden away, but something to be a constant reminder of the daily joy that meditation can and will bring to your life.