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Meditation is helping all kinds of people,
from all sorts of backgrounds

Until recently, for a lot of us, meditation has been a bit of a mystery. But now, thanks to an ever-growing MOUNTAIN OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and better access to teaching, more and more people are enjoying the MANY BENEFITS of this ancient practice.







Good meditation starts with a good cushion

A well-designed cushion will help you get the most out of your meditation.
You might be surprised how much of a difference it can make!

The perfect ‘S’

RAISING YOUR HIPS above your knees tips the lower spine forwards. This forms a natural ‘S’ shape, RELIEVING the stress in your muscles and allowing you to sit COMFORTABLY for longer periods.

Mental state

Your posture has a big influence on the way you feel. Sitting with an ALIGNED  and ENERGISED spine helps clear your mind and FOCUS your attention.

Three-point stability

Sitting cross legged with your bum raised makes a three-pointed pyramid that SPREADS YOUR WEIGHT evenly and comfortably.

Everyday posture

Over time, good meditation posture STRENGTHENS your lower back. This works to PREVENT back pain and IMPROVE posture in everyday life.

Find the meditation cushion that’s right for you

Pick your perfect shape…

The Classic

  • ORIGINAL and traditional design
  • Extremely stable
  • For average levels of flexibility

The Wheel

  • MODERN and sleek design
  • For taller and larger meditators
  • For lower levels of flexibility

The Wedge

  • Small and STREAMLINED design
  • Increased support for thighs
  • For average levels of flexibility

Then, pick a colour from one of our HAND-PRINTED designs.

But wait! What will your cushion be filled with?

What’s the deal with The Mat?

The meditation cushion and meditation mat go HAND-IN-HAND. The cushion provides the support and stability you need for perfect posture, while the mat provides a comfortable surface for your LEGS AND KNEES. Don’t let a hard floor send your legs to sleep! This type of distraction can completely dominate a meditation session.

How do we make our cushions?

Our goal was to create a product that was fresh and stylish, while maintaining the integrity of a design that has been around for millennia. After travelling around India looking for the right partner, we were very fortunate to find a highly skilled specialist with over 20 years experience making meditation cushions. Working together, we created a range of products combining quality and design, made in a way that’s good for the environment and fair.



All our cotton is 100% organic. That means it’s made without pesticides: better for you, better for farmers and better for the planet.



We spent a lot of time personally selecting a partner in India, making sure our cushions are produced fairly and ethically, by workers in good working conditions.



From sewing to printing, every one of our cushions is made entirely by hand. This means no two cushions are exactly alike, and each has its own story to tell.